Pousada Casa Típica

"Your home far away from home."

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About Us

Five names. A destiny.

Emir, Cris, Eric, Juliana, Thalita.
We knew this paradise called “São Miguel do Gostoso” in 2012.
We fell in love and decided to radicalize our metropolitan lives and move to here. But this was not enough, it was necessary to spread "Gostoso" to the world. Without selfishness, we wanted to share our happiness and well-being. So we realized that the best way to do that was to bring people here and show them all this live. So, we had the idea of setting up an inn with the way of our home, receiving old friends and making new friends.

This is Pouada Casa Típica.
Your home far away from home.

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Commons Areas

Pousada Casa Típica is a large house with a very good reception, with a very familiar atmosphere, swimming pools, balconies with hammocks, gardens, great breakfeast served in an open area and conjugated with the swimming pools; ideal for those who want to stay well and be very well received in São Miguel do Gostoso. An inn with the "way of our home" to receive old friends and make new friends.







Large rooms equipped with:
Split air-conditioner, LCD TV with SKY, electric shower, balconies with hammock and wi-fi.

In common areas you can enjoy:
Swimming pools (adult and child), bar service (snacks and drinks), living space and a functional training studio.


Extra Services

    Located inside Pousada Casa Típica, Studio 2Fit is a functional training studio with individual or group classes. Here you will also find dance classes (zumba and forró pé de serra). Schedule your class.

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Massage Therapist: Juliana Spina

Massage is the practice of applying force or vibration on body tissues, to stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulation, mobility, elasticity or relief of certain body pains. It is an extremely safe, harmless and delightful form of treatment to receive.

It can be applied to the whole body or to specific body parts.

Sports massage, Swedish, bambuterapia, hot stones, lymphatic drainage and relaxing.

Shedule yours!


Tanfers: Natal Airport - São Miguel Do Gostoso.
Natal Bus Station - São Miguel Do Gostoso.

Sightseeing Tours São Miguel do Gostoso and Region.
Rides and bike, quadricicycle and buggy rentals.
Horseback riding and diving.
Stand up paddle rental and Classes.
Partnership with schools of Windsurf and Kitesurf.


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Tao Paradise